Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence for an ever-changing business landscape

It’s an ever-changing competitive and business landscape out there, driven and encapsulated by innovations which better meet end-user needs and demands. If you want to stay ahead of the game – and the competition – access to reliable competitive intelligence, business intelligence, analytics and market research data is vital for making informed strategic and operational decisions. Ingentium has vast industry-specific experience in providing competitive intelligence support. Our data-driven approach and impartiality allows us to provide our clients with real and reliable information to support organisational strategies for growth.

An impartial data-driven approach to drive your organisation forward

With Ingentium, you’ll be working with a multi-disciplinary team of informed advisors who provide bespoke and impartial advice at all times. Our competitive intelligence services are data-driven, drawing on a vast collection of industry-specific data obtained through proprietary repositories, as well as generated through our own studies, surveys or in-field research. Our experience working in various countries allows us to take into account cultural considerations and country-specific insights which may be relevant in identifying opportunities, trends and challenges globally. Ingentium’s competitive intelligence services can help you:

  • Enter new markets with confidence – alone or in collaboration with a third party
  • Develop successful pricing strategies for new technologies
  • Identify potential acquisition targets in domestic and international markets
  • Strategically position your organisation to gain market share and maintain competitive advantage

Key advantages for you and your organisation

Developing wide-ranging future-fit strategies for maintaining or gaining competitive advantage can be resource-intensive. But our aim is to always work closely with our clients to understand their questions or challenges around growth and provide reliable, straightforward and impartial advice, with minimal impact on the day-to-day running of the organisation.

CASE STUDY: Using competitive intelligence in agriculture to stay ahead of the game

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“The effective management of IP is essential in aiding businesses to maximise their innovations and successfully commercialise in-house technologies. A key determinant for sustainable industrialisation, particularly in low-middle-income nations.”

Alex Makotose
Senior Associate, Ingentium