IP & Contract Management

Dedicated IP and contract management to help your organisation stay on top of IP-related matters

Whether it’s for a business or a specific project, sometimes dedicated IP and contract management support is required to help meet certain obligations and deadlines in a proactive and timely fashion. Not only that, management of IP must be done in a way that links (and speaks to) all of those involved in the creation and deployment of IP within an organisation (or with respect to a project). That’s essential for creating a consistent approach to managing IP related matters, which in turn, can inform and complement organisational priorities, budgets, and stakeholder expectations.

Ensuring organisation-wide IP excellence

Ingentium can provide on-going or temporary support relating to the full spectrum of IP and contract management-related issues. Liaising with your legal, financial and technical staff, plus other stakeholders, we develop solutions to embed best IP practices across all levels of organisational operation.

  • We have provided dedicated IP and contract management support to technology-focused organizations including tech-based businesses, universities and research institutions
  • We create and implement tailored IP management models, which address IP related issues, from inception to deployment, including standard operating procedures, automated IP tools and guidance documentation
  • We liaise with contracted third parties, your legal, financial and technical staff and other stakeholders as necessary to ensure that commercial IP and contractual issues are considered in line with your IP management model and are dealt with on a timely basis
  • We provide assistance in preparing and negotiating IP related contracts, protecting IP assets, exploitation of the same, and internal reporting to track performance, compliance and return on investment

Our services are delivered in manner which complement the efforts of your internal team, yet ensure that our support remains directed and dedicated so that your staff can focus on other day-to-day tasks.

Key advantages for you and your organisation

IP and contract management are important. But the day job can get in the way of a dedicated response to these challenges internally. With Ingentium’s experience and expertise, you can avoid a fragmented ‘on-off’ outcome, be assured of continuity in our approach to managing your IP and contracts, and rely on speedy delivery – allowing your staff to get on with business.

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“The effective management of IP is essential in aiding businesses to maximise their innovations and successfully commercialise in-house technologies. A key determinant for sustainable industrialisation, particularly in low-middle-income nations.”

Alex Makotose
Senior Associate, Ingentium