IP Valuations

Thorough IP valuations that reflect the true value of your assets

Recognising the true value of intellectual assets is central to financial reporting – but it can also be useful where you want others to recognise the value of your IP; for example, for lenders when using IP as collateral, prospective investors when restructuring a business, buyers when transferring IP, or licensees during license negotiations. Ingentium’s tailored qualitative approach to IP valuations looks beyond the numbers.

We take time, drawing on subject-matter experts where required, to form a deeper understanding of your intellectual assets, arriving in turn at a meaningful valuation figure to confidently convey the value of your intellectual assets to other parties. Depending on the purpose of the valuation, our IP valuation can be as detailed as you may want it to be, making our IP valuation service a cost-effective exercise for any purpose.

Using our own proprietary systems to arrive at a meaningful value

Ingentium has developed and utilises ‘asset-class’ specific algorithms to quantify qualitative aspects of your intellectual assets, based on a wide-ranging array of considerations, which ultimately impact on IP value. It’s an approach based on:

  • NEVER using out-of-the-box or ‘plug and play’ solutions – our IP valuations are as unique as your organisation and its intellectual assets
  • Taking the full technical profile of your intellectual assets and the nature of their use into account; for example, if your IP underpins a platform-technology, that would positively affect its value and should be factored in
  • Keeping you involved throughout the process, to ensure accuracy, transparency and your satisfaction at all times
  • Providing a tailored report, offering clear indications of our findings, including any shortcomings or risks that could affect the value of your intangible assets, and recommendations for mitigating such risks

Key advantages for you and your organisation

With IP valuations, it can be difficult to quantify your intellectual assets – as these are unique to your organisation and your business. But by taking time to delve deeper, taking your specific business profile into account and familiarising ourselves with the IP and what could be achieved through them, Ingentium go beyond a simplistic one-dimensional “reading the numbers” in order to ascertain a robust valuation figure that our clients can rely on.

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“The effective management of IP is essential in aiding businesses to maximise their innovations and successfully commercialise in-house technologies. A key determinant for sustainable industrialisation, particularly in low-middle-income nations.”

Alex Makotose
Senior Associate, Ingentium