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The ‘what’:

Ingentium is a market intelligence and intellectual property (IP) advisory firm based in Edinburgh, UK.  Our focus is on strategy and commercial IP matters affecting organisations primarily operating within the agriculture, animal health and the broader life sciences sectors. Nonetheless, as experienced specialist, we can meet a wide variety of client needs, and have worked with organisations in other sectors as well. From conducting market analysis, performing IP valuations, through to carrying out licensing exercises for IP-backed technologies and creating data-backed IP and business strategies, ours is a comprehensive service.

The ‘who’:

Ingentium was founded in 2015 by Josef Geoola. Josef has a background in Microbiology and business innovation and management, particularly in the biosciences and was involved in one of the very first IP clearing house initiatives for agricultural technologies involved in the improvement of biological traits.  He has over 15 years’ experience working with IP and business strategy matters and has served as the chief IP officer for an animal health company, as well as a third-party consultant to banks, investors and companies on IP and business strategy related matters.  With Josef work a multi-disciplinary team of very competent individuals who bring knowledge of law, economics, science and international development to the intelligence and IP support Ingentium provides to its clients.

The ‘how’:

Key to Ingentium’s approach is blending a holistic understanding of the strategic questions and challenges faced by our clients, with a forensic focus on the various factors (political, economic, social, technological, environmental, etc.) which help inform their response to these. This approach, founded on experience in commercial and third-sector environments, coupled with a strong technical, economical and legal understanding, places us in a unique position to provide clients with high-quality and reliable support.

The ‘why’:

Our services are bespoke and specifically designed to address the need of each of our clients (we never settle for off-the-peg solutions)

  • We are solution oriented and take a multi-disciplinary approach to deliver our services, meaning that our clients get to see challenges and solutions from different points of view, and more holistically;
  • We are digitally-driven.  Whether as part of our methodology or in the deliverables we provide our clients, we rely on data and technology to help our clients obtain the most out of our services;
  • Our no-nonsense approach and superior outputs have seen all of our clients return for further support or refer us to new clients;
  • We are always transparent with regards to the work we carry out and our fee structure;
  • Our clients include top multinational ag-companies, animal health companies, governments, world leading universities and research institutions, amongst others and client satisfaction is always our top-most priority;
  • We are a progressive employer which values personal and professional diversity and uniqueness. Our staff benefit from flexible working hours, unlimited holidays, professional development training and other perks to help bring the best out of all of us.
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“Effective competitive intelligence is an essential component in the strategic management of modern businesses who are constantly looking to venture into new products and exploit new markets. By combining systematic research methods with in-depth analysis, we produce information that is able to supplement and enhance the decision-making capabilities of our clients .”

Lisa Zengeni