Competitive Intelligence

Or ‘how to win the brain game’. Find out how our insights can keep you a step ahead of competitors in an ever-changing business landscape.

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IP Valuations

Or ‘how to put a price on your IP assets’. Find out how our valuation services can help you realise the value in your intangibles.

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Proactive IP Strategy

Or ‘how to get an IP plan in place’. Find out how we can help you prepare to realise your IP potential.

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IP & Contract Management

Or ‘how to avoid IP pitfalls’. Find out how our team can help you stay on top of contracts and licences to best manage risk.

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IP Commercialisation

Or ‘how to make IP work for you’. Find out how we can help you best package/ market your intangibles to potential partners .

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IP Audits & Diligence

Or ‘how to gain a handle on your IP’. Find out how we can help you make sense of IP portfolios, risks and opportunities.

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“The effective management of IP is essential in aiding businesses to maximise their innovations and successfully commercialise in-house technologies. A key determinant for sustainable industrialisation, particularly in low-middle-income nations.”

Alex Makotose
Senior Associate, Ingentium