Ingentium is a competitive intelligence and intellectual property (IP) advisory firm

We provide bespoke solutions to private and public-sector organisations looking to develop a clear understanding of the environments in which they operate and the steps they can take to stay ahead and succeed in the short-to-long term. Our specialism is in agriculture, animal health and the broader life sciences – but some of our services extend to other sectors.

Key to Ingentium’s approach is blending a holistic understanding of the challenges faced by our clients, with a forensic focus on the various technical, economic and legal factors which help inform the response to these.

We have experience working on many complex and ambitious assignments on behalf of a variety of clients, including multinational corporations, governments and public-sector organisations.  Our delivery is always solution and service oriented and our track-record is excellent.  Visit our Services page to learn more about the types of support Ingentium provides or contact us directly to learn more about some of our previous experiences and discuss how we may able to support your organisation.

Market & Competitive Intelligence

Whether it is to firm up strategic processes or learn more about your industry and its rivals, our data-backed insights can keep you a step ahead in an ever-changing business landscape.

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Intellectual Property Valuations

Ascertaining the value of your intellectual assets, whether these are patents, trade marks, or even databases, can help support various business transactions.  Learn how our IP valuation services can help you realise the value in your intangibles.

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Proactive IP Strategy

Whether with respect to a unique line of research or for an entire organisation, find out how we can help you develop a clear route to maximising the value and impact of your IP.

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Grant Management Support

Administration of grants has become more and more challenging. Our support services help grant holders stay on top of various responsibilities, including contracts, asset registers, finances, and ‘MLE’ requirements.

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IP Management & Commercialisation

Whether proactively monitoring and tracking IP development and use, or monetizing existing IP portfolios, find out how we can help make your IP assets work for you.

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IP Audits & Diligence

Find out how we can help you make sense of IP portfolios, risks and opportunities which may exist in your business ecosystem.

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