Multi-disciplinary IP expertise, with specialism in three key sectors – agriculture, animal health and life sciences

The Ingentium team offers you access to multi-disciplinary excellence across the full spectrum of IP and strategy consultancy services. None of our services are specific to any particular industry Рbut we take pride in our prowess in three key sectors, agriculture, animal health, life sciences, where our specialist expertise has been especially effective.


Ingentium delivers in spades for the Agricultural sector. Our specialist IP expertise covers seed and seed products, transformation technologies, genetics and protection technologies amongst other things. Our clients in the Agricultural sector range from academic and research institutions through to top-five global ag-companies.

Animal Health

The Animal Health sector is natural territory for Ingentium. Our specialist IP expertise includes diagnostic, drug and biologics development, with deployment in both the developed and the developing world. Our clients in the Animal Health sector have included research institutes and leading regional and international animal health companies.

Life Sciences

We have extensive experience advising on IP and strategy issues within the broader Life Sciences. It includes support for the development and deployment of new human drugs, diagnostics and biologics, medical technologies, clinical studies and other interventions across the world. Our client base in the broader Life Sciences sector covers research, academia and global R&D leaders.

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“Effective competitive intelligence is an essential component in the strategic management of modern businesses who are constantly looking to venture into new products and exploit new markets. By combining systematic research methods with in-depth analysis, we produce information that is able to supplement and enhance the decision-making capabilities of our clients .”

Lisa Zengeni