Dedicated support to help organisations stay on top of grant-administration responsibilities from design, implementation to evaluation

Grant holders, more than ever before, need to ensure full transparency, equitability and accountability in how grant funding is utilised in the lifetime of funded projects, often through reporting and milestone requirements to their funders. While the necessity for this is understandable, such requirements do place a heavy burden on project management and administrative structures within organisations. This is further complicated where funded research draws on the involvement of several international partners who may not be fully aligned with one another. Ingentium’s dedicated grant management support provides clients the required help to continuously meet implementation, monitoring and reporting obligations in a proactive and timely fashion with a particular focus on research impact and sustainability. Whether this may be in carrying out due diligence on prospective collaborators and service providers, establishing sustainable intellectual property exploitation policies or assessing project outputs and evaluating impact, our support is bespoke and dedicated to complement our clients’ priorities, budgets, and their funder’s expectations.


Ensuring programme-wide excellence across all aspects of grant management

Ingentium can provide on-going or temporary support relating to a number of grant management challenges which grant-holders may be facing.  Our familiarity and experience with the various requirements and principles of funders (and funds) such as UKRI, NIHR, the Global Challenges Research Fund and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, amongst others, places us in a unique position to provide support quickly and effectively.  We always involve our clients’ legal, financial and technical staff, plus other stakeholders, to ensure that any solutions we develop are adoptable across all levels of organisational operation.

Our grant management support can help grant-funded projects with:

  • Due diligence – we identify the necessary questions to ask, reaching out to sub-grantees and collecting the relevant information required from them in a timely-manner using a streamlined digital system to reduce the burden of the task on all parties who are involved;
  • Contract management – we provide assistance in preparing, amending and negotiating project related contracts, always ensuring that key issues such as confidentiality, IP access and ownership, publications and reporting are addressed in a manner which is consistent, equitable and in-the-spirit of the project, and of course, in compliance with the funders requirements;
  • Policy and process development for sustainable impact – there is a great amount of focus by funders on ensuring that the outputs of grant-funded initiatives do achieve intended and sustainable impact.  This requires policy and process development which is pragmatic, context and environment specific and agreeable across various parties with diverging interests.  We work closely with our clients and their stakeholders to develop such policies and processes, embracing digital technology when appropriate, all to ensure that any grant-funded work carried out has the greatest potential to positively impact its target beneficiaries;
  • Financial reporting – financial compliance and accountability is particularly important to ensure that funds are being spent appropriately. We work with our clients and their internal finance teams to collect, collate and process financial and asset information, in order to help grant holders maintain clarity and manage risk associated with funds, and to support periodic and annual financial reporting to their funders;
  • Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MLE) – we develop highly bespoke and multi-dimensional monitoring tools and evaluation frameworks to robustly assess grant-funded projects against multiple evaluation factors and criteria (e.g. OECD-DAC criteria vs. funder’s objectives). Unique in our approach is our ability to quantify and calculate qualitative information, providing us with the ability to better compare, contrast and rate project performance in a manner which is easily understandable by a wide-range of audience. These tools enable us to produce evidence-backed recommendations and guidance for current and future projects.


Key advantages for you and your organisation

Our grant management support services draw on years of experience supporting various grant funded initiatives, our multi-disciplinary expertise, and our commercial approach to intelligence and financial evaluation.  Our services are delivered in a manner which complements the efforts of your internal team, yet ensures that our support remains directed and dedicated so that your staff can focus on other day-to-day tasks with minimal administrative burden.

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