Guidance and strategy to help you commercialise your IP

Organisations have various drivers for commercialising their IP. For some it’s about creating new revenue streams to drive growth; for others – there is an altruistic ambition to bring better solutions to those who may benefit most from such IP. Whatever the reason, IP commercialisation can be ‘easier said than done’. With Ingentium’s full-spectrum approach, you’ll get tailored strategies, guidance and support designed to address the common challenges involved in effectively marketing your IP, gaining the right interest and achieving a successful outcome.


Taking you through the commercialisation process

One of the key challenges in commercialising IP is the ability to help potential licensees and buyers see value in an intangible asset, over and beyond any risks and questions marks which may loom over that asset. Further complications can arise from limited knowledge around the potential value of IP or any potential licensee or acquirer’s appetite for such IP.


Our support typically involves:

  • An initial IP audit and validation phase to identify the breadth of the IP you are planning to commercialise as well as your aims and objectives. During this phase we also ensure that any obvious risks that could affect third party opinion of your IP are identified and addressed
  •  A market-scoping exercise using advance data analytics to zero in on relevant parties/prospects to approach for IP commercialisation, taking their own IP portfolio and R&D activities into account
  • Development of the right marketing package, to best reach out to prospective IP commercialisation partners – making it as attractive as possible


Key advantages for you and your organisation

There’s no off-the-peg model for IP commercialisation. However, understanding how your IP can be best presented to prospects helps increase the likelihood for a successful outcome. Our approach aims to help you exploit your IP for its full potential and always in line with your organisation’s specific ambitions.

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“Effective competitive intelligence is an essential component in the strategic management of modern businesses who are constantly looking to venture into new products and exploit new markets. By combining systematic research methods with in-depth analysis, we produce information that is able to supplement and enhance the decision-making capabilities of our clients .”

Lisa Zengeni