Organisational and project-specific IP strategies and policies to meet your goals

Strategy is a much-used word in business. But the importance of having a proper strategy in place for your IP cannot be underestimated. Small IP decisions made at the outset can, without a long-term structured vision in place, become big issues down the line. The key is developing a clear-headed plan taking a broad range of risks, questions, eventualities and priorities into account. Our in-depth organisation-wide approach can provide clarity and confidence for maximising the return on investment and impact of your IP over the medium to long term.


Trend-setting thinking for IP success

At Ingentium, we have worked with various businesses and research institutions to develop IP strategies and IP policies at an organisational level as well as on a project-specific basis. Our approach isn’t only paper-based – we also work with your people on a personal level, to promote IP awareness amongst staff, ensuring everyone is on board with your vision. This provides a strong platform to generate added value, attain and maintain a competitive advantage and achieve IP success – taking organisational goals into account at all times.


Any strategy or policy should always take into consideration:

  • How IP may create value within your organisation down the line, taking your existing IP portfolio and research ambitions into account
  • Draw on the knowledge of your technical and business management teams to identify end goals, target markets and competition
  • Reconcile both upstream and downstream activities relating to the research, development and deployment of IP to create a holistic plan that everyone in your organisation can adopt

Our strategies and policies have also been used by not-for-profit organisations, and in public-private partnerships, to improve accessibility and availability of pharmaceuticals and other medical solutions in the developing world.


Key advantages for you and your organisation

A solid IP strategy is all about proactively envisaging upstream risks, scenarios and outcomes – with full stakeholder requirements taken into account at all times. We’re proud of our track record of working with clients to create strategies that lead to success, many of which have been considered to be trend-setting in their field.

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“Effective competitive intelligence is an essential component in the strategic management of modern businesses who are constantly looking to venture into new products and exploit new markets. By combining systematic research methods with in-depth analysis, we produce information that is able to supplement and enhance the decision-making capabilities of our clients .”

Lisa Zengeni